About Us

Tiamo started in 2010 and is the "first" and only brand to offer Designer Ballerina Flats and Pumps. It is designed by the famous Korean designer Jung Eun Ju.

Tiamo, which means “I Love You” in Italian, was born out of a husband’s love for his wife, and the wife’s passion for sourcing and providing beautiful fashion accessories for women.

Inspiration from a celebrated Korean designer famed for styling celebrities is a traveller with love for shoes and constantly seeking inspiration. It was in Italy where she found her ultimate muse. While immersing herself in Rome’s romantic misc en scene, she fell in love with an Italian local designer.

Her romance with the Italian presented her a new lease of inspiration. He opened up her eyes to a new world of Italian charms, graced her with secrets.

Italian high fashion that reacquainted her to the delicate power of love. Bewitched and smitten by love, inspiration from her romance in Italy, we called them, Tiamo.

Tiamo offers great variety of fashion bags & shoes which range from heels, wedges, flats the young & trendy, to office wear and evening wear, suitable for a variety of occasions & a variety of women, uniquely designed and renowned for quality workmanship.

Our products crafted from variety of materials, colours, accessories & designs perfectly for the unique you. Unlike any other brands, Tiamo shoes are designed to reshape the feet : to look more delicate & most importantly provides comfort ! Our bags, is uniquely Tiamo with emphasis on quality!

Tiamo is all about being fashionable & comfortable!